▪ Hybrid

▪ Horizontal

▪ General purpose

▪ PNX Tonnage:
41~65tf (45~72USton)

▪ FNX Tonnage:
81~455tf (89~502USton)
Eco-Friendly Injection Molding Machine (Hybrid Type)
"The hybrid machine that revolutionize the concept of hydraulic molding systems"
Comprehensive Evaluation of PNX/FNX
Advantages of direct

・Long stroke
・Stable clamping force
・Clean clamping mechanism
Initial cost
Characteristic of
hydraulic machine
Maintenance & life span
Holding pressure performance
Cooling water &
hydraulic oil
Ultra-low velocity
+ high-pressure performacne

(having both characteristics)
Power consumption
Characteristic of
electric machine
Max. injection velocity
(smooth V-P changeover)
Low noise
PNX/FNX Series
Electric machines
Hydraulic machines
Molding stability
X-pump-equipped machines offer excellent total balance, possessing the advantages of both electric and hydraulic types.
* 1 PNX, FNX80, and FNX110
* 2 FNX140 and above
* 3 Above electric machines in some cases
The Ultimate Level of Energy Saving
Electric machine level of energy saving

Wide-Ranging Injection Speed
From 1mm/s ultra-low to high-speed range

Improved response

Control cycle speed doubled

Outstanding Injection Holding Pressure
Sustain high-pressure for an extended period of time

Stabilized mold open/close control
Better position accuracy and smoother open/close motion

Silent (low noise)
Equivalent to that of electric machine

Increased injection pressure and velocity resolutions

High-precision metering control

The range of product weight deviation suppressed to 1/3

Higher Injection Pressure
Up 20% increase

Wide Platen (FNX80~220):
One class larger mold can be mounted

Fully-loaded with "support software"

...display of scatter chart, wave analysis, molding support message, easy programming function, etc.
PNX & FNX Serie Lineup
Clamping unit (clamping force)
Injection unit (injection velocity)
- Standard combination
* 4.3 in/s with FNX280
Intelligent hybrid X-pump system
Hydraulic and electric molding machines have different advantages in mechanical and molding characteristics due to the differences in the driving source and its method. While electric machines are becoming mainstreams today, we have created the Nissei Original Hybrid Injection Molding Machine PNX/FNX Series, combining the advantages in both hydraulic and electric types.

Its high-rigidity direct clamping system, excellent injection performance, long lasting & easy maintainability, and electric machine level of energy saving offer an outstanding total balance, enabling it to perform a versatile range of moldings from thin-wall to thick-wall products. Nissei hybrid type machines will revolutionize the concept of hydraulic injection molding systems.
Servomotor rotates at required speed only when it is necessary.
Flow...revolution speed of a servomotor
Pressure...torque of a servomotor
Patent pending
Revolution speed control pump driven by AC servomotor
  • Substantial energy-saving is possible since the motor is at rest during unloading.
  • Arbitrary selection of standard/high-velocity I/high-velocity II injection modes changeover permits wide-ranging injection from ultra-low speed to high-speed.
  • The injection holding pressure control (pressure controlled state) can be sustained
Improved molding stability
Weight deviation of molded products ... reduced to 1/3
Achievement of Substantial Energy Savings
Comparison of power consumption (1)
Energy saving effect in mid-size machines
55% reduction
hyd machine
By equipping the X-pump, energy efficiency has been improved substantially, permitting the suppression of temperature rise and reduction of the amount of cooling water.

In addition, the operation cost of water cooling systems, such as a cooling tower, can also be reduced.
Comparison in dry cycle operation (heater power excluded…during full-automatic operation)
Cycle time: 48sec/Injection time: 8sec /Cooling time: 30sec
Comparison of power consumption (2)
FNX vs Electric machines vs Hydraulic machines
Comparison of power consumption under the same condition and environment
47% reduction
Stable long-term operation of “direct-pressure” type clamping mechanism
  • The advantages of direct-pressure clamping mechanism:
    Long stroke, stable clamping force, clean mechanism, high-performance low pressure clamping, easy setup of optimum (low) clamping force, easy mold change, long-lasting, low-maintenance, etc.
  • It is equipped with a mold open/close stabilization control. Mold open stop position and slowdown changeover position accuracies have been improved, and smoother mold open/close operation has been materialized.
  • The parallelism can be maintained for a long time by its proven outstanding performance of the direct-pressure clamping system.
  • The clamping stroke is long, making it effective for thick molds, such as hot runner, deep well, and three plate molds.
  • Wide platen (FNX80~220)…one class larger mold can be mounted.
  • By “Very Slow Mold Open” mode (FNX80~360), the low speed stability during product ejection has been greatly improved.
  • A clamping pressure rise confirmation sensor has been added, enabling it to set the clamping force below 60% (10~100% setting is possible).
    ...Recommending optimum (low) clamping force setting = friendly to machine and mold.
"Normal metering" operation
Weight deviation of molded products
- Deviation range: 0.0373g
- 6CV: 1.41%
# of shots
"Precision metering" operation
Weight deviation of molded products
- Deviation range: 0.0121g
- 6CV: 0.45%
# of shots
Outstanding injection performance
  • Wide-ranging injection speed…from ultra-low speed (0.004 in/s) to high-speed (max. 21.7 in/s with PNX40-2A) range.
  • Excellent controllability and stability in ultra low speed range (under 0.04in/s).
  • High injection response…response time max. 48ms (with PNX40 normal mode).
  • Higher injection pressure…AA screw are used on 9A~25A type injection units, increasing the pressure up to 20%.
  • Outstanding injection holding pressure performance…”high-pressure + long-sustained” injection holding pressure is possible.
  • Product weight deviation suppressed to 1/3 by precision metering control.
  • Optimum barrel temperature control zone and detection points configured to materialize ideal temperature distribution.
  • 5-zone temperature control of the nozzle and barrel + monitor display of hopper throat temperature.
  • Simultaneous heat up of the nozzle and barrel equipped. Effective for preventing carbonization and burn.
A High Performance Controller “TACT” Built for Comfort
  • Faster control cycle: 250µs (twice as fast as the conventional machines)
  • 12.1 inch color LCD
  • Tilt mechanism that allows to change the screen angle according to the operator's preference
  • Selector switch carried over from the previous model to ensure excellent operability
  • A variety of molding programs provided as standard (CPN2, MIP0, etc.)
  • Loaded with useful “Molding Support Programs:” Scatter diagram display, wave data analysis, molding support message, easy programming function, notification function, etc.
  • A six-language (Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and Thai) display system
  • Internal memory for molding conditions: up to 300
  • Display the operation history of 1,000 items
  • LAN and USB ports provided as standard
  • Easy access to the quality/production management system “PQ Manager”

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